You are probably considering what Floral Tributes would be appropriate for your loved one's funeral. However, you may want to take into account the ideas contained in the text and slide shows before deciding on your flowers or what type of vehicle should be used for your loved one's final journey.

Your first priority presumably is that you don't want your Floral Tributes to be damaged. Sometimes Floral Tributes are inadvertently damaged by Funeral Director's Staff when loading the coffin first and then attempting to place the flowers around the coffin. The limited space between the coffin and the side window of the hearse creates difficulties when long 'Name' Floral Tributes are pushed into this restricted area. The plastic ends of the 'Name' Floral Tributes can become damaged and the flowers at the Crematorium often look inferior to those that left the Florist some 3 hours previous. Sometimes Floral Tributes get damaged even before they reach the hearse with people tripping over them if they have been left on the floor due to lack of space in the flower shelves.

When I arrive at a Funeral Directors in my 1950 Leyland Beaver the flowers are loaded first, with Floral Tributes often being transferred straight from the Florist's van onto the deck of my lorry. It can take me over 90 minutes to secure the Floral Tributes in place within a display and I have developed the use of plastic fasteners which ensure that the Floral Tributes are not damaged. My passion is to display Floral Tributes in a prominent way as you can see in the slideshows that can be investigated by clicking onto the images down the right hand edge of this page. Sometimes I carry Floral Tributes that are too large to fit inside a hearse. Often Floral Tributes are prominently displayed appearing to float unsupported and sometimes they can be accompanied by an appropriate background. When a number of Floral Tributes are ordered I use my knowledge to integrate these into a three dimensional display and the slideshows contain some good examples.

So whether you have 1 or 23 Floral Tributes I can create an eye catching display which will help you personalise your loved one's final journey. The display could include a picture of your loved one provided you can email it to me or send a photograph suitably protected through the post.

The display can tell a story, here you see a loving 'DAD' who enjoyed his 'BEER' in the 'ANCHOR' Inn whose passing left his family 'BROKEN HEART' ed.

If there are not many Floral Tributes you may want to consider asking me to built a wooden Theme in front of the coffin related to your loved one's occupation or interests. A large number of Themes are available from Teacher to Scaffolder from Football Fan to Ski-jumper. Perhaps you have your own ideas and I would be happy to discuss these with you.

I will provide an estimate of the additional costs involved, and the timescale required to complete the Theme.

Creating a Theme using my flower trays, with customised embellishments. This Theme was created for a Steam Engine Enthusiast.

I have 21 foot by 7 foot space on my vintage lorry and will use my creative skills to help bring some colour to a dark day.

Please click on the pictures below to see a slideshow.

Large Scale Floral Tributes

Prominently Displayed Tributes

Appropriate Backgrounds

Pyramidal Structures from 4 or 6 Tributes

Please contact me or visit www.vintagelorryfunerals for more information.